Our only complaint is trying to keep the neighbors out. It works wonders for lower back problems. June 15, 2009 Northern Lights Selected as BEST OF CLASS! I have owned an acrylic spa before and I can honestly say that the experience and enjoyment is not the same as our new Northern Light Cedar Hot Tub. The raised bench section ensures easy and safe entering into your hot tub as well as a comfortable step for getting out again after a soothing hot soak. In the 1970s' plastic molding and injection hot tub shells were introduced and quickly these became the fad. I am one happy customer! With a diameter of 1800mm or 2000mm, our fiberglass wood fired hot tubs are the perfect size both for families with children or for groups of friends.Choose the integrated wood burning heater for a more compact version or an external wood burning heater for more space in the hot tub. There no electricity you need, you can just use the armload of firewood. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. I thought you might be interested in receiving an update...our hot tub is running perfectly, maintaining water levels and temperatures. It is a powerful but highly efficient 100,000 BTU natural gas or propane heater combined with our digital electric spa pack giving the customer the flexibility of heating choices. It's superiority to decay, and its sweat aromatic scent have made cedar the number one choice for hot tub construction. I am looking forward to getting the tub in operation again. Check out our Hot Tub Specifications page where we point out what makes our cedar barrel hot tub superior to other round hot tubs. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Northern Lights is the only spa manufacture awarded this title that is not an acrylic spa manufacture. Western Red Cedar 6 foot diameter. Dan, Great to hear from you. Choose a shape that suits you, from round, square and rectangular hot tub options, as well as different sizes and seating arrangements. Looks Great!!!! Individually Handcrafted from the Very Best Materials Our traditional round hot tubs are each individually crafted from nothing but the finest clear heart, vertical grain Western Red Cedar. The barel desing used in manufacturing our cedar hot tubs has also become poplular for thoses looking for large indoor or outdoor wooden planters. Cedar Hot Tubs Handcrafted in Maine We currently offer four standard tub lines. It is our get-away haven. The instructions were very well... "Read More Testimonials", I have owned your tub now for three years and have never shut it down (except to change the water and clean the filter). Hot Tubs – Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for hot tubs. The modern "hot tub" trend started in the 1960's in California, with people modifying large oak wine barrels into private soaking hot tubs. And so, it is, the classic California hot tub has continued its legacy and grown in popularity as people look for simplicity and functionality in their hot tubs or spas. Hot Tubs Sunlander has been manufacturing cedar hot tubs for over 20 years now so we are experts in the field. Via a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, the benefits of hot tub therapy proved to benefit persons with Type 2 Diabetes. Backcountry Hot Tubs Number of Seats 4-6 person capacity Water Capacity 315G Weight 280 kg dry Shell Colour Western Red Cedar Cabinet Details Western Red Cedar Electrical N/A Filtration N/A Warranty 1 Years Tub, 1 However, it quickly became part of our lifestyle and I don't think I could ever give it up. This email address is being protected from spambots. You can also find a many great articles in our wood hot tub article section or visit our Cedar Tub Blog to see what other have to say about wooden hot tubs! Buy and sell locally. The cedar staves, the shape, finish and thought that you’ve put into everything is simply outstanding. Hi Tim, I've completed the installation of my tub and ALL is well. The mere fact that our body feels lighter also helps us relax and take away some of the stress. Includes aluminum stove, stairs and cedar cover. Each Hot Tub and Wood Tank and Rain Barrel is hand crafted using Western Red Cedar and built to last many years. Besides our standard sizes, we can custom build a cedar hot tub to meet your particular Of course add the sweet smell of western red cedar, and we know you will find our cedar hot tub EXPERIENCE is 2nd to none! Yours, Copyright © 2020 Cedar Tubs. Our attention to detail is the reason that our cedar hot tubs are found in some of the world’s most prestigious resorts (See some of our hot tub awards and commercial projects). All of our tubs are available in a variety of sizes and with features to enrich any lifestyle. 100's of miles from civilization, the only things that live here are Fish and lots of them! The first wooden hot tubs began to appear in the 1960's in California. We have yet to have any problems with the pump or heating unit (knock on wood, Haa Haa). Each wood hot tub is hand crafted using 100%, 2″ nominal Clear All Heart Old Growth Western Red Cedar and built to last many years. Northern Lights is one of the best... "Read More Testimonials", Dan and Northern Lights Crew, I thought we should send a couple of photos I took of our newly-installed Northern Lights cedar tub so you could see its setting in our backyard in Ottawa. All our visitors who soak remind us that it's the best... "Read More Testimonials", Hi Tim, I've completed the installation of my tub and ALL is well. Once the decks all done, I’ll send some pictures. 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